Air Washer


Household air can contain a mix of allergens such as dust, pet dander, pollen, mould and more.

The Cli~Mate Air Washer cleans the air using water wash method of air purification. Air is drawn into the device by a fan, where the dust is captured by the washing action of the fan and water drawn from the reservoir.

  • Captures airbourne particles creating a cleaner, healthier breathing space.
  • 7 Soft LED colours - options to turn off light, to choose 1 continuous colour or to transition through all colours
  • Use with aroma oil to release fresh fragrant aroma into the air
  • Includes 10ml bottle of Eucalyptus aroma oil
  • No Filter change required, just pour out water and re-fill
  • Safe, reliable, easy to clean and stylish in design
  • Coverage area up to 10m2 - ideal for bedroom night stand, home office, work areas.

Model Code CLI-AW200L
Product Dimensions L 200 x W 200 x H205 mm
Net Weight 1.16kg
Coverage Area Up to 10m2

Water Tank Capacity (up to MAX line)

Power Consumption 3.5W