Cli~Mate- Sensitive Choice® Partner

Cli~Mate- Sensitive Choice® Partner

We are excited to announce that Cli~Mate has partnered with the Sensitive Choice® programme run by the National Asthma Council of Australia.

Sensitive Choice® approved brands help people with asthma and/or allergies identify products that may help to alleviate triggers and symptoms.

Approved products go through a formal review process and need to satisfy an independent Product Advisory Panel. We are proud to have met the strict criteria and earned the right to display the Blue Butterfly Symbol across our range of Dedhumidifiers and Air Purifiers.

The following Cli~Mate products are Sensitve Choice® approved:

Air Purification Systems: Models CLI-AP10W, CLI-AP11-B CLI-AP20, CLI-AP30, CLI-AP60

Air Dryer Dehumidification System: Models CLI-DH8D

Compressor Dehumidifcation System: Models CLI-DH12, CLI-DH20-E, CLI-DH25-E

SunSacks CLI-DH150S, CLI-DH150S3

Dehumidifer Egg CLI-DH200

Rechargeable Dehumidifier CLI-DHE

Find out more about the Sensitive Choice® Program