About us

Cli~Mate was created with the vision of being recognised as the leading specialists in air treatment-type products. Cli~Mate endeavours to offer products that are convenient, economical, stylish and could function effectively in a variety of different climates and environments.

We keep our brand tagline ‘improve your environment’ in mind when it comes to developing new products and improving our existing range. Cli~Mate strives to offer products that improve the quality and comfort of your living environment.

At Cli~Mate, we extend our slogan of ‘Improve Your Environment’ to improving the greater environment we all live in.

We believe in offering environmentally friendly options to our customers when looking for dehumidifiers.

Cli~Mate SunSack, Dehumidifier Egg and Portable Dehumidifier are designed to be reusable and are Non-Toxic products. The portable range are a much more eco-friendly alternative when compared with traditional dehumidification products on the market.

Cli~Mate Compressor and Air Dryer models are all free of CFC, making them ozone-friendly and climate-friendly. Cli~Mate Air Dryer dehumidifier uses absorption technology which means it does not contain compressors or refrigerants, which gives our customers the option of a more environmentally friendly solution to their humidity problems.

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